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Hi! I’m Cristina Velez, and I’m the creator of this blog.

I love making coffee at home. I find the routine of getting up early in the morning to prepare a great cup of fresh coffee not only relaxing but also enriching to my life. It’s a ritual of self-nourishment, something that gives pleasure to my senses and makes me ready to tackle the challenges that come ahead. For a few minutes of every day, I put all my focus and energy into the creation of something dark, delicious, and stimulating.

Learning to maximize the delight I get from preparing and drinking coffee is part of a larger worldview that tells me we should not take things for granted, and we should learn to appreciate the small pleasures of life. It’s often in the enjoyment of little things that we find those magical moments of happiness.

I decided to write this blog to tell you that you don’t require expensive equipment, or the knowledge of a connoisseur, in order to make awesome coffee. The world of coffee can be as complex and nuanced as the world of wine, but there’s no need to add snobbery or elitism to the mix.

I’m no expert in coffee. At least not yet, at the time of writing this, when I’ve decided to build a whole website devoted to the enjoyment of this drink. What I do have is a passion for coffee (and other sensual pleasures, like wine, chocolate and even perfume). I’m eager to learn about it as much as I can, and I love sharing my experiences and journey with you, my dear reader.

An important dimension to the world of coffee that I’m also looking forward to exploring is its impact on the functioning and development of society. There is a quote on this topic that I love, and it is the following:

Wherever coffee has been introduced, it has spelled revolution. It has been the world’s most radical drink in that its function has always been to make people think

William H. Ukers, from his book “All About Coffee”

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